Pico 4

Pico 4 Standalone All In One VR-MR Headset

Pico 4


Pico 4 is an all-in-one VR headset that can be used both standalone and connected to a computer. It also provides MR (mixed reality) experiences thanks to its color passtrough feature. Acquired by ByteDance (TikTok) in 2021, Pico is one of the best VR headset manufacturers in the world. The Pico 4 is comfortable to use thanks to its equal weight distributed on the front and back. It provides crystal clear VR-MR experiences thanks to its 4K screen resolution and pancake lenses. Social media login is not required to use Pico 4. Games and apps are accessed via the Pico Store or SteamVR.

Product Details

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  • MR Headset
  • Conference
  • VR